Staying in Touch While Keeping Your Distance.

This year America’s Thanksgiving has been hijacked by Covid. For all of us with thwarted plans it is a disappointing reality. We can still connect with our loved ones, just has to be at a safe distance.

A special Thanksgiving acknowledgment to our frontline healthcare workers throughout the world. I can only imagine how difficult your job is right now. And of course a shout out to the scientists fast tracking a vaccine.

Let Us Help You Connect.

This Thanksgiving the PinchPals can help you connect, or re-connect, with the important folks in your world. Let someone know “you’ve got their back!”

Gifting a PinchPal is a simple, yet meaningful, way to reach out in this time of Covid. Check out this fun animation about how you can Stay in Touch while Keeping Your Distance by sending someone you care about a PinchPal.

To you my loyal followers…my family, my mosaic art tribe, clients, thank you for your continued support. Your support encourages me to go on about these little clay characters and share their story. Our connection and your kindness is sincerely appreciated.

Our 2020 Campaign.

During our 2020 campaign, Get a Pal Give a Pal, when you purchase a Pocket PinchPal we will send you 2, one to keep and one to give. A charming reminder that I’ve got you back and in turn you can let someone know you are there for them!

Let a PinchPal help you Spread Some Kindness! It is a commodity we all benefit from.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, regardless the shape it takes. Let us know how your Thanksgiving plans are shaping up, changing, how are you Covid-coping? Stay safe, stay sane!

  • Bonnie Fitzgerald
    Posted at 11:09h, 23 November Reply

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving. Many of us have much to be thankful for and I urge you to share your abundance with others who are less fortunate.

  • SUSAN Briggs
    Posted at 11:12h, 25 November Reply

    Being able to share the amazing trips put together by Maverick Mosaics in the passed several years have allowed my husband and myself to enjoy many beautiful memories during these times of a more ‘stay-at-home period. We feel blessed for a warm, happy home. We feel blessed that we live in a country as free as America, even with its; trials and ‘bumps’ in the road.. We wish ALL a safe Thanksgiving!

  • Cara Noland
    Posted at 14:54h, 27 November Reply

    Thanksgiving encourages us to say what we think but don’t say enough…how dear are our family and friends, how we appreciate their enduring care and kindness, and how lucky we are to share their world. A perfect example is Bonnie Fitzgerald, who strives to make the world a better place through her many endeavors, especially the PinchPals. Keep Spreading the Kindness, Bonnie!

  • Elisa Fleener
    Posted at 03:06h, 30 November Reply

    There is much to be thankful for even during a pandemic. Bonnie and I were lucky enough to see each other just before the pandemic exploded into our world. We are both very grateful for our time together. Staying connected to my best of besties is a gift! Luckily other gifts of friendship and closeness have been bestowed upon me. My husband and I have grown closer. The same with my son. I have been able to develop a stronger connection with friends here at home too. Of which several lost their level of income and saddened because they couldn’t see their loved ones in other states. I found purchasing and sending PinchPals to them was my way of saying “you’re not alone – I’m here for you with this PinchPal”. I even sent one with a PP postcard to my mother in law who was alone in a nursing home. Who knew such a gift of creativity could touch the hearts of so many of my dear friends and family. They are grateful and I am grateful this Thanksgiving for Bonnie’s artistic and altruistic gifts!

  • Chris Sehenuk
    Posted at 12:49h, 02 December Reply

    Pinch Pals have been such a cool way for me to stay connected with the friends I love and miss whom I haven’t been able to see for almost a year now due to the pandemic. Especially those who are struggling financially and emotionally in these trying times. A few of my close friends suffer from depression and I can only imagine how rough this last year has been for them. Glad I was able to send them a Pinch Pal to remind them they are on my mind and I’m always there for them. Very thankful for family and friends this year. Thanks Pinch Pals for a truly unique way to show it!

    • Bonnie Fitzgerald
      Posted at 09:40h, 03 December Reply

      It is an interesting “season” this Thanksgiving, this autumn. Moving towards the darkness of winter I too fear for those coping with depression and financial hardship. I look at the very long lines at food banks and listen to the stories of overburdened healthcare workers with a heavy heart. Keeping our spirits “up” is hard work every day! Thank you for sharing the PinchPals with your friends, feeling like everyone could use a “lift” and if these little guys can put a smile on someone’s face then I count that a success. ….good news is we are beginning to sense real optimism towards the seasons of spring and summer 2021, as Dr. Fauci said “the Calvary is on the way”…

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