[ˌevəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n] noun

the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

 Most art purchases are emotional. There is a connection between the art-work, the artist and the new owner. You saw something you just had to have, on some deep level the connection to your heart and head surpassed any concern from your pocketbook. How often have you acquired a work of art as a gift for someone? The artwork “spoke” to you and reminded you of the recipient. You knew they would appreciate it. Whether an impulsive buy, or a very well thought through purchase, emotions most often drive the decision to buy art.

A recent comment on PinchPals post blog #3 referred to the artwork I created several years ago and you see here, “Evolution”, and it now lives in a very special home. The owner wrote: “My PinchPal art piece that my husband and I enjoy daily represents my Mother & her daughters, who ALL have my back. It is an inspiration!”


The artwork was meant to tell a short story and engage the viewer with a sense of humor. It was a work I carried in my head for a long time before putting hammer and hardie to it. I am humbled knowing the owners of “Evolution” enjoy the work every day.

During these days of Covid-19 many of us are forced to scale back on purchases and non-essentials. More than one artist friend has put out the word, as small businesses we have lost our income – classes cancelled, art purchases and commissions on hold. I ask that during this time you take a moment to look at art by your favorite makers, really look at our websites and stores. You may not be in a position to purchase here and now, but remember us when you are ready to invest in art again. And if you can sign up for a future workshop, great. Supporting the arts and artists, supporting that essential need for creativity and innovation in our world, is a solid investment in our recovery from this awful Covid mess.

For those of you who have been following me and the PinchPals thank you for your continued support. There is a little Pinchpal in all of us.

Detailed Description

Here is a detailed description of Evolution from an exhibition a few years back: The figure on the far right is an image I’ve been making all of my adult life.  Usually in 3-D, I have made hundreds of them. I call them “PinchPals” – they represent all of us.  Evolution shows how “PinchPals,” like us humans, began as something else and over time evolved to sophisticated beings. The work incorporates beautiful golden travertine, white marble, black unglazed porcelain and a touch of 24k gold smalti. The characters are pebbles, shells and hand-built ceramic. The perfect frame, a slate roof tile from a local reclaimed prison that is now an arts center.

And Finally

PinchPals are all of us! Forward a PinchPals video from my YouTube channel, or send a PinchPal from the PinchPals website shopping cart….Let someone know you’ve got their back!

  • SUSAN Briggs
    Posted at 00:22h, 07 April Reply

    The shown piece of art has my heart! It called Evolution…..my heart says it represents the evolution of the women in my family…from my Mother to my oldest sister to me to my younger sister to my baby sister. This pieces speaks to me every time I see it. I’m so grateful, Bonnie, that you allowed me to take it into my home. It represents the women in my family who ALWAYS have my back…in good times; in times when I need a pinch or am in a pinch. It’s not just ‘art’; it’s a positive, expressive statement of good will and love.

  • Susan Starr
    Posted at 10:17h, 07 April Reply

    For me, it represents The Other, social distancing, and finding meaning in this chaotic world.

  • Elisa Fleener
    Posted at 23:39h, 07 April Reply

    I love how the elements used in the Evolution art piece all come from Mother Earth who at the present moment is teaching us (during this pandemic) she can heal when we as humans don’t mess with her and if we do mess with her she will mess with us and our environment. There is such value in this art piece and the PinchPals (made of clay from Mother Earth) because both help me cherish important aspects of my life and the life of my family, friends and just humanity.

    I know whether I give a PinchPal to my friend facing fear over the corona virus in New York, or in California, in my neighborhood or giving it down the road to my bummed out niece or Aunt I’m letting them know ‘I’ve got their back’ helps to give them personal meaning to their existence and social meaning to their life. This is so powerful! Thank you for this blessing.

  • valerie singer
    Posted at 02:00h, 14 May Reply

    What an interesting idea. It reminds me so much of the little female fertility pieces we saw in africa, and of course the ones in John Updikes’ great book, Witches of Eastwick!

  • Emma Springer
    Posted at 16:11h, 05 June Reply

    Love the artwork and how the essence of the PinchPal is the same as it evolves, grows and matures, just like us! We continue to grow and change, but at our core we have stayed true to who we are.

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