Vaccines are blanketing America, and before long the entire planet. In America we are emerging from Covid. A once in a hundred year nightmare is winding down. Hugging and touching is back in vogue and the PinchPals are ready to join the party, cautiously. And with newfound purpose.

Covid provided many of us with time at home; way more home-time than we may have wanted. That time got some of us thinking about what is really important. For many, relationships and family took a front seat.

New Perspectives

“Covid-time” provided many a new perspective. The world got smaller. Some of us sought companionship by joining organizations that offered creative support, we signed up for online educational opportunities, we attended church and yoga classes on-line. For all of our efforts I have come to appreciate I was not alone in my mixed bag of emotions and brain dis-functions that swung between unfocused, driven, angry, bored, humbled and grateful….and sometimes I traversed all of those emotions in a span of 24 hours!

For others the time of isolation brought on deep sadness and revealed vulnerabilities. Hugely concerning is many children have fallen into depression. Lack of routine, missing friends and hybrid school has taken a toll. Not everyone had high speed internet or the means to stay connected to learning and friends. Covid brought to light huge inequities in our society. Securing a healthy future for our children and catching them up after a year of less than optimum learning is on every parent’s mind.

Spring of 2020 many of my introverted friends were initially undisturbed by Covid isolation. From more than one colleague “I can do this”, “I don’t need to be with others”, “I’m shy”, “I have social anxiety anyway”. However over the ensuing year many found themselves falling into depression, loneliness and new anxieties emerged.

Connection and Community

Our Covid isolation reminded many of us the Importance of connection and community. Our need to belong. The PinchPals slogged through the pandemic with reminders about staying safe, thanking front line workers and generally worked to keep folks spirits up.  The 2 for one Covid-coping Campaign helped spread the PinchPals message beyond measure. Gifting Pandemic PinchPals brought smiles to faces and reinforced simple safety protocols.

The PinchPals continue to be a playful reminder of some of the good that did emerge as a consequence of “Covid-time” and we have created some one of a kind “Covid Commemorative” art works, check them out (link to store). We are phasing out our Covid inspired art as we move into a new phase. Because PinchPals are handmade each is unique, but, like we humans, “at their core we are all the same”. We crave connection, we want to “belong”.

Purpose vs Passion

I find the word “Passion” to be vastly overused. Passion is defined as an urge, a desire. But purpose, now that is a lot harder to pinpoint.  I am convinced if you, if I, can figure out what drives us then purpose moves front and center. Passion drives purpose, not the other way around.

I spent a lot of my Covid time mulling over the concept of purpose and was able to articulate “why”, take a look at my “why” on YouTube.

The PinchPals are purpose driven. They exist as a reminder that at our core we are all the same. The gift of a PinchPal is a tangible way to connect with others and to help foster a sense of belonging. And even the most private of folks probably came to realize over the past year that being alone is hard. And if given a choice we all want friendships in our lives, reassurance “you are not alone”, someone is there for you, someone in your world “has your back”.

I have always believed the PinchPals would find their time and place, and the pandemic provided important reminders. No one can escape the fact we are all vulnerable. Like many serious illnesses this invisible enemy did not care what color you were, where you live, who you voted for or how much money you have. And after 14 months the nightmare shows signs of ending.

Picking Up the Pieces

There is speculation the world will come “roaring back”, months of pent up energy bursting out in all directions….travel, parties, hugs. I suspect in the grand scheme of history a pretty short-lived “roar”.

The mental health toll over the past year as a consequence of Covid, social injustices, dis-information, political upheavals and having time to dwell and reflect on our own “baggage”, well, there is a lot of work to be done.

Let’s begin picking up the pieces by giving. PinchPals offer opportunities to give a friend, loved one, even someone you have only just met, a “pinch” of support and connection.

A History Lesson

We are all anxious to put Covid behind us…but remember what Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Is another Covid lurking in the dark? It might just be a matter of time. And what are the lessons you learned from Covid?

We appreciate your continued support and spreading the PinchPals message of kindness and support. The PinchPals are a social impact company give and movement. As a company we work to serve our community by enabling you to easily show your support to others.


  • Chris Sehenuk
    Posted at 12:36h, 02 June Reply

    Keep up the good work Bonnie!

  • Emma Springer
    Posted at 22:40h, 04 June Reply

    How we handle the tale end of this pandemic will be very impactful and telling of our society as we move forward. Are we looking out for everyone or just a few? Are we looking within ourselves and our communities to do the necessary work to make sure people aren’t left behind? PinchPals serve as a simple way to show support and love for each other as we make our way to a healthier society.

  • Bonnie FItzgerald
    Posted at 16:55h, 23 August Reply

    Well it looks like we are not emerging, rather just learning how to live with Covid. Today it is the Delta variant, next month who knows. Stay safe stay sane!

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