The latest PinchPals videos are reminders to connect and be safe. PinchPals are universal beings, no race, no religion, no political preference. Their simple form and red clay color resemble all of us. They are couriers of hope, support and reinforce an understanding that “at our core we humans are all the same”.

Living in these historic, turbulent and uncertain times more than ever many of us crave connection. Images of protesters, grieving families and calls for unity are inspiring long overdue conversations about race relations and social inequalities.

The simple truth is at our core we are all the same. The vast majority of us want the same human experiences: good health and for our families to be safe, well fed, housed and educated. Our friends, family, neighbors and faith based communities are relationships that can provide the connection and support we all long for in pursuit of happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. But it may be that you need to be the catalyst to making the connection, not everyone is comfortable reaching out. How can you connect?

And then the Pandemic….

Be clear, this is far from over! Listen to the experts. Be safe. Wear a mask. Continue social distancing. This awful, and inconvenient, illness will be with us for many more months. It is serious and continues to devastate families all over the world. We are all tired of it and want our old lives back, we want it to go away. Yet science shows us the simple, safe practices of wearing a face mask, washing your hands and keeping a physical distance from others is saving lives.

During this time of Covid-19 many of us have been forced to re-think how we stay connected with our loved ones, with our jobs and with the world at large. Although this can be challenging, and even uncomfortable depending on the situation, investing in connection may be our saving grace. A phone call, text, or a good old fashioned hand-written note can make someone’s day.

Looking to the Light

The tragic loss of lives to police brutality and racial injustices are a dark and ugly truth. The continuing reality of Covid-19 is the stuff of science fiction, an invisible enemy, nothing to make light of. But perhaps looking to the light can be our saving grace.

There is light to be found in the new challenges we are faced with. George Floyd, along with the other young men and women of color, will be remembered as the sparks to new actions of real change. Mr. Floyd’s heartbroken family will learn to cope with their loss and find light and peace in their joyful memories of him.

The Pandemic has challenged us in countless and unexpected ways. Parents became school teachers, grocery workers continue to risk their health every day to keep us fed, medical workers are traumatized from the unfathomable loss they are witnessing. Light shines and applause can be heard day after day in cites around the world at sunset.

As you begin to venture out please do so with caution, practice all the “safe” recommendations. May you find light and hope as we navigate these challenging times.

Need a chuckle?

Studies show everyone benefits from acts of kindness. Feel good hormones are released. Anxiety eases, stress is reduced and can help prevent illness.

Our latest video, Connection, reminds us to reach out with kindness, to connect with others and be safe. Some smiles definitely coming your way through the PinchPals, who remind us to stay connected with those we care about. Learn how you can gift a PinchPal and share their positive messages of compassion, empathy, connection, gratitude and hope.

PinchPals are all of us! Connect. Let someone know you’ve got their back.

Visit our Shop to send the gift of a PinchPal.  Our Videos are easily shared from their YouTube Channel.

  • Jenny
    Posted at 19:16h, 11 June Reply

    Heal yourself by connecting with others…something we are learning anew these days. Thanks Pinch Pals for the sweet message and the inspiration to create!

  • Emma Springer
    Posted at 01:41h, 12 June Reply

    Although this is a challenging and heartbreaking time, it has been heartwarming to see the many different ways people are connecting, supporting and showing up for others. There is always a silver lining to be found, providing comfort and motivation to move forward in the best way we can!

  • Andrea Edmundson
    Posted at 14:11h, 17 June Reply

    I think that if more people saw your light hearted depiction of social distancing, they would be more likely to comply! This would look great in the front entrance way of a local business… A friendly reminder that makes you smile.

  • Grace Springer
    Posted at 23:28h, 23 June Reply

    Even though these times have been very challenging for everyone it’s nice to see people being able to come together. It’s nice that PinchPals can bring some hope and light to a dark situation.

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