Creative Team


PinchPals sculptures and art-works are created in a private clay studio and animations are produced in collaboration with a small production company.


PinchPals were originally created as characters for an animated film. Their story is grounded in the notion that at our core human beings are basically the same. Most of us are compassionate beings with a desire for decency and kindness in our daily lives, and we crave connection with others, especially during difficult times.


Viewing and sharing our video animations, gifting a PinchPals artwork, or making a BLOG comment will help us reach our goal of touching 1 million lives.

We have 2 business missions:

  • Create employment opportunities for underserved individuals or community groups in the production of PinchPals art-works and merchandise.
  • Production and distribution of electronic media and video animations designed to inspire connection and compassion.




Visit our store to learn more about our products. The PinchPals videos are housed on their YouTube Channel.


Bonnie Fitzgerald, creator of PinchPals, has been a full-time working artist most of her adult life. Sculpture and filmmaking were early loves. Teaching art while helping others connect with their creativity through community and kindness continues to be her driving purpose.



PinchPals sculptures are made from red clay and kiln fired. PinchPals have traveled to many lands over the years. They reside in several foreign countries and throughout the United States.

When you gift a PinchPal your message is…

“I’ve got your back.”


Prior to 2018, PinchPals were called “Clones.”  Some of you reading this may recall “Clones Care”. The strong resemblance to each other made Clones an obvious namesake, but there can be a negative vibe to the word Clones. The PinchPals name was coined by Elisa Fleener. Ms Fleener is a screen writer, film maker and artist.

Bonnie Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Maverick Mosaics, LLC. For over 15 years Maverick Mosaics has been creating beautiful art and unique learning experience. Bonnie has authored 2 best selling books about creating mosaic art. Along with her husband Ken they lead international art-filled tours. Bonnie teaches art extensively, including on-going classes for the Smithsonian Institution’s Studio Arts Department in Washington, DC.

Know someone in a pinch? Let them know you’ve got their back.