Share a PinchPal™, let someone know you are looking out for them. The artwork above was meant to be retired for the new year. The imagery continues to be all too relevant. “A Shot of Hope” is our best road out of Covid and all its variants.

Covid continues and reminds of us of a simple fact: AT OUR CORE WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Covid, like many serious diseases, does not care about our color, our religion, or our political preference.  As we continue to navigate life with Covid the PinchPals™  are a joyful reminder “I understand, we are in this together”.

Characters “pinched” from clay.

PinchPal’s™ simple forms resemble all of us. They are universal beings and are presented as novelty characters, YouTube cartoons, artworks and are developing a robust social media presence. Giving a PinchPal™ is an easy way to connect to others and send messages of kindness, or give a “pinch” of support.

“Whether you carry me in a pocket or display me in your home, PinchPals™ will remind you that you are not alone.”

Watch Now! How the PinchPals are changing the world

“The world is full of nice people, if you can’t find one, be one.”
 Nishan Panwar

PinchPals creator Bonnie Fitzgerald has over 30,000 followers through her outreach and impact-driven platforms. Helping others connect with their creativity through community and kindness is her driving purpose. Banner image mosaic art work titled “A Shot of Hope”.