PinchPals are characters who offer expressions of compassion, optimism and support.  With the moving target of Covid-19 “social distancing” is the new normal. Yet more than ever we crave connection.  Connect with those you care about by sharing a PinchPals video animation, sending the gift of a PinchPal or commenting on their Blog.

Watch Now! How the PinchPals are changing the world

What are

PinchPals are characters “pinched” from clay and live as animated video characters and clay artworks. They are individuals with unique personalities, their simple form resembles all of us. PinchPals are universal beings, no race, no religion, no political preference.

When you purchase a PinchPal our company gives a PinchPal to someone who could
“use a pinch of support“.

Those in hospitals who cannot have visitors due to Covid, folks going for medical treatments such as chemo and dialysis, our elderly population in nursing homes and of course the children’s ward. A PinchPals in your pocket is a comforting reminder, “You are not alone”.

Get a Pal. Give a Pal.


Our 2020 Campaign.


Whether you carry me in a pocket or display me in your home, PinchPals will remind you that you are not alone.   

Rainy Day PinchPals

PinchPals are talisman, magical lucky charms, an easy way for you to express compassion, kindness and support. Pinch Pals lift others up who are struggling, comfort those feeling isolated or alone and are a great way to re-connect with someone from your past. They show gratitude to our front line health care workers, push back against bullying and remind us to be optimistic. PinchPals art works are made right here in America.

PinchPals creator Bonnie Fitzgerald has over 15,000 followers through her outreach and impact-driven platforms. Helping others connect with their creativity through community and kindness is her driving purpose. To learn more about Bonnie visit Maverick Mosaics website.

What fans are saying

There are very few people in my life that I know accept and love me unconditionally. We can laugh, cry, argue or vent, and it’s all accepted or resolved without judgment or grudges. One of those people gifted me with a PinchPal and that little guy is a tangible reminder to me that no matter how challenging things can get, I am never, ever alone. —AT

My PinchPal was given to me by a friend who has had my back more times than I can count. He’s a happy reminder of this dear friend, and an inspiration to emulate her generosity of spirit. —KK

Isn’t it nice when we have a friend who loves you unconditionally when in a pinch? No judgement, no unrealistic expectations, just there for you during a hard moment in your life to remind you that you are not alone. I love this idea so much. -AMP